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Standing out from the crowd

A logo is a visual representation of your company – creating a memorable logo is an important part of building your reputation.

Your logo design is everywhere on stationery and signage, promotion materials and on the web. It’s that image that people remember – our visual memory is much better than our word memory as a rule (that’s why people are often good at remembering faces, but not names).

Show people an image and they usually remember it the next time they see it – providing it makes an impact the first time!

Logos are more than just random shapes or an image you happen to like; developing a logo is about reflecting what your company stands for. The shapes and colours influence the people who see it and give them subliminal messages about what and who you are.

If you want a logo design that makes you stand out from the crowd or you want to see some logo examples just call us on 01702 513131 or drop us an email for more information.