Creative freedom!

“Hello – I’m Lara RankoffLara Rankoff and I created Reflect Design for Print in 2009 to make good, professional design accessible to every business, whatever size or industry you’re in.

This is the hard bit – telling you about me and why you should choose to work with me. I think working relationships are built on mutual respect and complementary skills so you will want to get to know me a bit.

I’ve known I wanted to be a designer since I was about four years old. It may sound unlikely, but utterly true, I wanted to create!! My BA (Hons) degree was in printed textiles and I first started working with Courtaulds Lingerie, where I learned the latest in CAD technologies–and where I fell in love with the computer!

I freelanced as a CAD designer for several large design agencies, including working with a number of suppliers to M&S. It was only when I discovered the world of business that I found my niche in graphic design.

My background includes working as a senior designer and studio manager as well as a multitude of freelance projects throughout my career.

In 2009 I decided it was time for me to offer a real end-to-end service and train people up to work my way, wanting to provide businesses with cost effective design and print solutions.

Its great to see companies grow, increase their client lists, turnover and confidence, through the creation of marketing materials, that result in successful campaigns.

So far we haven’t talked about me getting to know you. However, I’m endlessly curious (some people might call me nosey) and fascinated by how every organisation’s design communications and promotional needs are different. When we meet you’ll find I’ll spend as much time as we need to ensure I have all the information to deliver a great outcome for you.

Give me a call on 01702 513131 and let’s start talking.”